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    Currency Trading

    The Foreign Exchange (FOREX or FX ) is the largest and most liquid market in the world, which has daily market volume of trillions of dollars. Participants are central banks, commercial and investment banks, hedge funds, corporations, and individual investors. Forex market has become attractive for investors due to its ease of trade, product diversity and leverage opportunity. The market continues to grow day by day with technology and increases participants. In addition to currencies, investors can trade bullions as gold, silver, copper; indices like DAX, Nasdaq, Dow Jones, SP500; agricultural commodities such as cocoa, cotton, wheat, coffee, corn, soybean, energies such as natural gas, brent, crude etc.

    There is no restriction on the amount of money used for trading. Anyone who wants to try this unique experience and to be part of the biggest trading world can take place without any difficulties. The market is open 24 hours and 5 days except for weekends and some specific holidays. Investors have two sided profit potential. According to their expectations, they can sell or buy the asset. Leverage is one of the indispensable tools of FOREX markets, which allows a trader to hold the same position with lower capital. In other words, leverage expresses the ratio of margin requirement. For instance; 100:1 leverage ratio, with a $1,000 deposit, would allow investors to trade $100,000 worth of currency. TradeX Prime, offers up to 400:1 leverage ratio.

    FOREX is a global market traded on high volumes and this leads to high liquidity. Liquidity is one of the most important characteristics of financial markets. High liquidity provides high efficiency and fast transaction. Also liquid market leads to lower spreads withal lower transaction cost.